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Caresse Bodrum offers luxury and premium services to provide you with unforgettable experiences.


Healthy Living Combining the enchanting beauty of the Aegean Sea with a fairy tale atmosphere, Caresse Bodrum offers a unique spa experience.


The fitness center provides service throughout the day with expert personal trainers and certified yoga instructors who help you find inner peace and feel refreshed.

Spa Caresse

Located in an isolated corner facing the Aegean Sea, the open-air therapy experience and massage beds on sun loungers await you while listening to the sound of the waves. With its exclusive service, Spa Caresse promises a peaceful experience to its guests while also providing a gastronomic experience that spans from local to global cuisine.

Yacht Services

Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & SPA, Bodrum, located in the quiet and hidden area of Asarlık Mevkii between Bodrum and Bitez Bay, is a destination for yacht and boat guests with its private services and mooring facilities. Caresse Bodrum serves both boat guests and Bodrum enthusiasts with the captivating view of the Aegean Sea. At Caresse Bodrum, which has the capacity to meet all the needs of boat owners, you can anchor your private yacht and enjoy the restaurant, bar, and shopping experiences within the hotel.

(Daily fee applies) Caresse Bodrum GPS Coordinates: 37° 1' 20.5998"

miss b

miss b is designed to provide its guests with an extraordinary blue voyage experience. The 29-meter-long, 7.15-meter-wide super luxury yacht can accommodate 8 guests in 2 Master, 1 Double, and 1 Twin cabin. Each cabin has a private shower and toilet, and all cabins and the entire yacht are equipped with air conditioning for a comfortable stay on hot summer days. There is a TV, DVD, and music system in all cabins. Daily or overnight rental options are available.


Every detail has been carefully thought out on the luxurious motor yacht Incognito, which sails in the unique waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean. It is 16 meters long and can accommodate 6 passengers. There are also enough sun loungers for each passenger. Daily or overnight rental options are available.


The speedboat Eagle, designed for the unique waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean, has been carefully thought out in every detail. It is 10 meters long and can accommodate 5 passengers. Daily or overnight rental options are available.


The speedboat Katia, which has been carefully designed for the unique waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean, is 12 meters long and can accommodate 2 passengers. Katia was a guest in the James Bond film series. Daily or overnight rental options are available.

caresse art kadriye inal

Caresse Art

Art not only allows individuals to know themselves and others, but it also facilitates interaction among societies. Tourism, on the other hand, supports the development of social structure, cultural dialogue, and economic exchange. Art and tourism have an indispensable quality in establishing communication between societies. Art tourism, which is rapidly developing as a new type of tourism within cultural tourism, has a stimulating and increasing power on tourism demand. 


Caresse Bodrum brings together its guests with sophisticated shopping experiences and privileges with its stores where the heart of fashion and style beats.

vakkorama bodrum caresse

With the motto "Fashion is Vakko", Vakkorama sets the direction of fashion with the themes it creates. You can have a pleasant shopping experience with the selected product range compiled from the collections in its stores.

Vakko Mare

Located in one of the most beautiful spots on the shore, Vakko Mare presents you with its special collection consisting of clothing products made of linen and cotton fabrics that will color your day and illuminate your nights, as well as signature designs consisting of swimsuits and bikinis.

vakko mare bodrum caresse
bee goddes caresse bodrum
Bee Goddes

The world's first talisman jewelry brand Bee Goddess is on the beach with its designs that blend timeless mythological symbols and their sacred meanings. Accessory enthusiasts who want to take a little shopping escape to the sea and sun find the opportunity to reflect their own character with the flawless designs consisting of various symbols and colors designed by Ece Şirin at the Bee Goddess store.


Samsara Curation, which has the pursuit of creating unique designs, each with its own story, and remains loyal to the tradition of finding the rare, meets you at Caresse Bodrum with designs that are limited in number and loyal to the traditional Turkish style and craft, produced in special workshops.

samsara caresse bodrum
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